Soy Melts


Melts are a clever and easy to use alternative to mixing oils and water.  Our melts are in the form of a clamshell pack.  Pushing the bottom of one cell allows you to break off a single melt cube (ensure to reseal the pack to retain the fragrance of the remaining melts.)  Place the melt on top of your melt/oil burner and light the tea light in the base of the burner and allow the wax to melt releasing a delightful aroma in the room.  The fragrance in each individual cube lasts for approximately 10 hours.

Only one fragrance is possible per melt pack, so choose your favourite fragrance from our extensive collection.

  • Place your oil burner in a safe and stable situation, away from drafts and anything flammable and also well out of reach of children
  • Ensure the melt dish is dry and clean
  • Do not add water or other oils to the dish when using a melt
  • Don't forget to extinguish the tea light candle when leaving the room - never leave it unattended 
  • When the wax melt has cooled, it will solidify again.  You can either re use the melt or change fragrance.  To change fragrance, pour the slightly cooled wax back in to the clam shell and wipe out excess oil with a paper towel ensuring dish is dry.


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